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Lebanese Cuisine

The main attraction of Lebanese food is its versatile combinations. You choose your combinations with all good items. Share or on your own. Have it in your style. Ancient food style which is still relevant to 21st-century food habit.We don’t just serve Lebanese food. We also promote the Levantine style of eating. It’s often the case when someone who is new to this cuisine to get lost in all these individually delicious dishes. But, we know the real secret for enjoying an authentic Levantine cuisine is to embrace the combinations of different food items. In Eastern Mediterranean food culture, dinning is not about having separate dishes for each person around the table. It’s all about having main dishes in the centre of the table with satellites of Cold Mezzes, Hot Mezzes, Grills from charcoal, Kebabs, salads, soups, bread and finishing with great desserts like Baklava. We proudly present our innovative versions of Lebanese food to the beautiful community of Tooting and South London. 

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