Al Masles



Our journey starts from the rural Lebanon where home cooking by mums and barbeque by dads are the typical picture on weekends. Simple, health and hearty food. Our food philosophy comes from there. Simple but full of love. Here in Al-Majles we wanted to recreate that homely atmosphere when families get together, share food and have some memorable time. We have around 17 years’ experience in restaurant business. We are very happy to share our passion for Levantine food with the beautiful south London community.

Majles means special gathering. We consider every visit of our customers to us as a special occasion.


Food Heritage

Lebanese food derives from the Levantine cuisine. Levant is the area which can be categorised as Mediterranean Arab or Eastern Mediterranean. This areas food heritage goes back to back as the ancient nomads and eventually settlers. The geographic location of this area heavily influences the food heritage of this cuisine. Arguably, the most balanced cuisine where there is spread of whole grains, fruits and meat. The reduced use of fat and oil makes this cuisine as one of the top healthy cuisines in the word. The use of numerous types of wholegrain makes every dish different in texture and taste.

Less use of red meat is another brilliant feature in Lebanese food. Most of the foods are actually barbequed not fired. Being situated around the Mediterranean, the fish is one of the biggest parts of the cuisine. This method of cooking brings out the ingredients natural flavour more. Most frequently used ingredients in Lebanese cuisine are Garlic and Olive oil. Both of these are full of food value which is known to all.

The main attraction of Lebanese food is its versatile combinations. You choose your combinations with all good items. Share or on your own. Have it in your style. Ancient food style which is still relevant to 21st century food habit.